About Roofbuilders.com



We’ve changed the business model for how roofing services can be purchased and installed. We’ve analysed every aspect of a roofing operation, updated and optimized internal business processes and developed our own cutting-edge technology to deliver world class estimates, installation and customer support. Instead of a myriad of employees focused on our internal business operations, 99% of our employees are focused on creating q customer experience that exceeds your expectations.

“The customer support and response to suggestions and updates has been fantastic! The best support I have had from any roofing company!”

“What you guys have done is going to change everything.  This is how you’re supposed to run a roofing company”

“I’m completely amazed. I got this theme set up and running in no time. The design quality is amazing.”

We’ve reduced cost, lowered expenses, improved customer support and installation. Now, we’re going to pass those savings to you.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 1 Day Installation
  • Super Fast Estimates
  • Top quality roofing components
  • Better Quality for Less Money
  • Fantastic Customer Service

Why are we Different from Traditional Roofing Companies?

At RoofBuilders.com it’s all about you.  Get your roofing problems solved now.  It’s always quick, easy, never a hassle and always no-obligation.

You’ll never take time out of your day or schedule & reschedule appointments to meet with estimators, inspectors, contractors or anyone else for that matter.  You won’t be forced to wait days or weeks for a roofing company inspection to get simple answers you could have now.

When you need questions answered and immediate results, then it’s time to contact RoofBuilders.com!