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116.9% Return on Investment Using Blown-In Insulation

Fiberglass attic insulation produced the top return on cost of all 30 projects in Remodeling Magazines 2016 Cost vs. Value group. They estimated the project would cost an average of $1,268 nationwide. Real estate professionals surveyed estimated that work would increase the price of a home at resale, within a year of the project’s completion, by $1,482. That’s a 116.9% return.

This year, the project at the top of the list, offering the highest return on investment, is fiberglass attic insulation! The national average ROI in the U.S. for a fiberglass insulation upgrade is a whopping 116.9%, meaning this upgrade more than pays for itself. The average national cost of installing blown-in insulation in an attic is $1,268, and the average of a home’s retail value increase for this project is $1,482.

 How Fiberglass Insulation is Added to an Attic

Adding blown in insulation to an attic space is a fairly simple, straightforward job for a professional with the right equipment and knowledge. It should be done by a professional; this is not a DIY project. A professional should seal air leaks in the attic floor to keep the conditioned air down below (in your living space) out of the attic (an unconditioned space) before adding insulation. Once air leaks are sealed, the installer should typically add fiberglass loosefill insulation to the attic until it reaches an insulation value of R-30 (maximum thermal performance). This number may vary among different regions in the nation and depending on individual circumstances.

Why Fiberglass Loosefill Insulation?

Most of us have at least some insulation in our attic spaces; though, in many cases, it’s inadequate. Loosefill insulation can be added on top of existing insulation. It can fill in any gaps and fit into irregularly shaped areas, unlike other types of insulation like batts and rolls, which aren’t as flexible. Fiberglass insulation is often less costly and more energy efficient than many other types of insulation. It is made of recycled and renewable materials and is resistant to mold and moisture. It has been thoroughly tested and proven to be a safe and effective insulator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Lifetime Warranty? Come on, what's the catch?

Our world is changing and we’ve developed a new business model to meet that change. It used to be that you’d have to find a number of roofing companies and deal with all the issues entailed. Now you just find us, and we do the rest. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to streamline the process and improve outcomes while reducing overhead and your final cost. This process allows us to provide superior customer service and higher-quality material than our competitors for a lower overall price.

We could have charged premium pricing as others do, but our goal was to differentiate ourselves in every way possible.

I've always been told to be wary of low-bid roofing estimates. Are you storm chasers?

No. Storm chasers tend to bid low because they use poor-quality products, provide shoddy construction and disappear in the next strong wind. Our company is lead by a 27-year roofing veteran, with a core understanding of industry issues. We use digital technology to lower our costs and pass our savings on to you. At the same time, we provide high-quality materials, exceptional installation, great customer service and a lifetime warranty. You won’t get that kind of offer from a storm chaser!

How can you provide me with an accurate estimate without an in-person onsite inspection?

We’ve spent a year developing the cutting-edge digital technology we use in our estimating process. It uses the same type of satellite-based estimation used by insurance companies to perform highly accurate estimates. Our proprietary system lets us use this technology in an entirely new way to save you time and money.

When can I see my estimate? How long does it take?

We use an automated system to assign new estimate requests to the first available estimator. In general, estimates can take 20 minutes to 24 hours to complete, though our goal is to complete all estimates within 24 hours. As demand rises, we add more estimators. Once your estimate is ready, we’ll send you a text and email with a link to schedule your online meeting.

My estimate is ready, what's the online meeting for?

Though we can determine the dimensions, pitch and what amount of material is needed, we can’t make up your mind for you. Whether it’s choosing the color of the shingles or deciding to change out vents, we need your input. Once you schedule your online meeting, we’ll walk you through the estimate, explain the components and make any changes or additions you want to make. We’ll then give you our final estimate and you can digitally sign the contract. If needed, we can send you to our partner, Kembra Financing, if you need help with financing the work. That’s it!

Do you also offer discounts on metal and tile roofing?

Unfortunately no.  We may review this in the future, but for now we only install asphalt shingle roofing.

Do you provide installations for commercial properties too?

Unfortunately no.  We may review this in the future, but for now we only install residential roofing.

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